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Discover Motorized Blinds & Drapery at Sunshade Blinds & Drapery’s Store in Ajax

Sunshade offers motorization on most of our window coverings. Talk to one of our experts for information and advice on motorized blinds.

Motorized Window Treatments: Experience Luxury with a Touch

In the realm of home automation and smart living, motorized window treatments are the pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Sunshade Blinds & Drapery specializes in transforming homes and offices through the sophisticated integration of motorized blinds, shades, and draperies tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

This evolution of window treatments enhances the beauty of spaces and elevates the living experience to unprecedented levels of convenience and luxury.

Embracing Modern Convenience with Elegance

The essence of motorized window treatments lies in their ability to redefine the interaction between space and occupant. Adjusting light exposure, ensuring privacy, and enhancing the atmosphere of a room become effortless tasks executed with a simple command. This advanced technology allows homeowners to control their environment precisely without compromising on style or sophistication.

Hunter Douglas PowerView

PowerView motorization from Hunter Douglas is extremely popular with our clients. Sunshade is a Hunter Douglas Certified Motorization Specialist. See our Hunter Douglas page for more information on PowerView.


Somfy Motorization

Hardwired and plug in AC motors are best for Awnings, Roll Shutters, Heavy Drapes and Large Blinds or Shades. Somfy also offers Low Voltage Plug in, Battery Pack and Solar Powered Options. The most popular control system is Somfy RTS with Handheld or Wall Mount Remote Controls. The Somfy MyLink enables phone, tablet or even voice control when connected to Wifi.

More Motorization Options

  • Eclipse Shutters UltraPower
  • Shade-O-Matic Simplicity
  • Maxxmar Max Motors

The Multifold Advantages of Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window coverings offer a suite of benefits that contribute to a more comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient home:

  1. Convenience at Your Fingertips: Imagine adjusting the natural light in your room without interrupting your activities. Motorized treatments can be controlled remotely, offering unrivalled convenience.
  2. Safety and Peace of Mind: The absence of manual cords reduces the risk of accidents, making motorized window treatments a safer choice for homes with young children and pets.
  3. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Motorized treatments can be programmed to respond to the sun’s movements, maintaining your home’s temperature at optimal levels and reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling.
  4. Protection for Interiors: Automated adjustments ensure your valuable furnishings are shielded from the damaging effects of UV radiation without constant manual intervention.
  5. Accessibility for Everyone: These window treatments offer ease of use for the elderly and individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring comfort is accessible to all.
  6. Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems: Our motorized solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with existing home automation systems, enhancing the overall smart home experience.
  7. Security When You’re Away: The ability to schedule opening and closing times simulates presence, adding a layer of security to your home.
  8. Longevity of Your Window Treatments: Motorized operation minimizes physical touch and manual handling, extending the lifespan of your window coverings.

A Curated Selection for Discerning Tastes

Our commitment at Sunshade Blinds & Drapery is to provide a diverse range of window treatment options that embody both elegance and functionality. From the sleek profile of roller shades and the energy-saving attributes of cellular shades to the classic aesthetics of wood and metal blinds, luxurious Roman shades, and the soft luminosity of sheer shadings, our collection meets the stylistic and practical needs of every homeowner.

Expertise in Installation and Integration

The excellence of our motorized window treatments is matched by the professionalism and skill of our installation team. Trained to ensure a flawless fit and integration with existing home automation systems, our installers take pride in showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Each project, regardless of its scale, is executed with precision to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Spaces

We recognize that every home reflects its inhabitants’ tastes and lifestyles. Our design consultants engage with clients to explore and understand their specific motorization needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions we offer not only resonate with our clients’ aesthetic preferences but also enhance the functionality of their spaces.

The Future of Home Living

Choosing motorized window treatments from Sunshade Blinds & Drapery is more than just an update to your home’s decor; it’s an investment in a future where comfort and convenience are harmonized with design excellence. Our products transform windows from simple architectural elements into dynamic components of your smart home ecosystem.

By entrusting us with the motorization of your window treatments, you’re stepping into a world where innovation meets refinement. Whether it’s creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner, reducing glare during movie nights, or waking up to gentle sunlight, the control is effortlessly yours.

Begin Your Journey to Smarter Living

The journey towards integrating smart, motorized window treatments into your home begins with a single step: reaching out to our team. Contact us today at 905-428-0937 or visit our website to schedule a personalized consultation. Discover how our bespoke motorized window treatments can elevate your living experience, reflecting where you live and how you choose to live.

Embark on this transformative journey with Sunshade Blinds & Drapery, where innovation, style, and convenience converge. Experience the unparalleled luxury and sophistication that our motorized window treatments bring to homes and offices. Let us help you redefine your space for a smarter, more comfortable future.

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